SMAV - Mul T Lock KC5

Mul T Lock KC5


The Mul-T – Lock Milling Machine

The Mul-T – Lock milling machine is an absolutely unique invention. It is extremely precise through factory software and can be operated via remote control for maintenance purposes. There is a code for each lock cylinder card. With this card it is possible to make a copy without the original key! Perfect fit and tamper-proof!

Exactly how this works, see here


Advantage keycard

Do the math, how much time will it cost you to look for a lock, buy it and then install it?

Our lock cylinders are extremely durable. Thus, for example, our RB – Locxis and Mul -T-Lock keys are supplied with a magnetic card containing a security deposit number combination.
With this numerical code, we can reproduce your spare key at any time, even without the original key!

You can rely on the expert advice of your dealer.

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You do not know exactly what you actually need for your safety and how to combine different products best?

Ask us! For a no-obligation appointment on location, we provide you with comprehensive and tailored advice regarding your needs. We explain how a locking system works and analyze vulnerabilities in your security.


Offer: lock cylinder with 3 keys for only 14,95€

Huge advantage: thanks to the patented technology with code card we only need the card in case of loss or breakage of the original key. They will be scanned and the Mul-T-Lock milling machine does the rest – Perfect fit and tamper-proof! Starting at 30, – € / key

Avoid researching and a difficult installation of a new cylinder!