SMAV - Locking handle set


  • lock cylinder with 3 keys for only 14,95 €
  • Patented security cylinders from RB Locxis :
    with 3 keys, magnetic card, security armature and installation in the whole country of Luxemburg
    for 200,- € T.V.A. exc.


With BASI, RB Locxis and Mul -T-Lock, we offer a variety of convenient and absolutely safe solutions for specific needs to our customers:
Door stopper, door closer, bicycle locks, padlocks, cash boxes, safes, mortised locks , inserted locks, cabinet locks, door chains, digital door viewers, motion alarm, oil for locks and key accessories.
Coded high security: each cylinder is equipped with its very own combination.

All the products which are not in stock can be supplied for you in no time!


TLO (Temporary – Lock- Out) cylinderIMG_1110

Effective and reliable access control without the requirement of complex software and expensive electronic systems.

How exactly does a cylinder lock?

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Quality manufacturer Basi offers the original Fan-key. Enthusiasm as a key experience!


Reinforced cylinder

Enhanced burglary resistance. Thanks to special hardened caps, it simply cannot be broken.


Patented anti-theft protection – cylinder

Specifically developed improvement by RB Locxis: the cylinders intentionally break through manipulation at a quarter of the total length, so that the door cannot be opened without a key.
Our cylinders force burglars to take a break. Security snaps fasten the lock to the front. This keeps the door locked and allows the owner to later open the cylinder with the original key.


Safety – cylinder with thumbturn

Innovative turn knob with priority switch
Specially developed mechanism to minimize risks in the psychiatric field.


MT5 ® and MT5 ® +

The next generation of high security platform with patented key controlIMG_1113
MT5 ® , the new generation high-security cylinder platform, is Mul -T-Lock’s latest response to meet the needs and requests of millions of customers around the world.
The new MT5 platform includes a plurality of locking mechanisms:
– Either dual ( MT5 ®) or
– Triple ( MT5 ® + ) – patented locking mechanism for increased safety .



Dual – and triple- locking mechanisms

A powerful side bolt locking mechanism which is connected to a specific part in the key tip. Along with unique horizontal finger pins, millions of key combinations can be achieved. This clearly increases user safety!


Extensive master keying functions

Our high – security platforms support a wide range of locking systems. This way every requirement can be met, from relatively small and simple networks to very large and complex systems.

Locksmith -friendly features
Our security systems: Well thought and adapted to the needs of locksmiths and end-users.
Specificities for locksmiths are:
* Exclusive keyway options, based on a specific pattern
* The ability to work with our software to design master key systems for customers.
* The key cutting machine can handle large series of keys.
* Service friendly cylinders that can be assembled by the locksmith.
The MT5 platform meets some of the most rigorous international standards:
MT5 +: SKG

In addition, our locking systems are patent protected !
The Mul -T-Lock Integrator profile patent manual with card is protected until 2027.
The Interactive + until 2030.
MT5 + with magnetic coded card until 2025.
Locxis RB – manual with card until 2031.


Cliq – cylinderIMG_1112

Our patented Cliq system gives you accurate data through a software: who has used the lock? When and with what key has the door been opened? You can even define a temporary closure plan. Who can open which door with what key at what moment?
Our software makes it possible – enable or disable a key, simply adjust the access plans directly from your computer.


Small dictionary

Door security fittings: effective protection against burglary from highly durable material.

Rosette: additional plate which is bolted from the inside and offers protection around the cylinder and prevents it from being broken off, pulled out or drilled.

Auxiliary locks: are bolted additionally between the door and frame.

Lock bar: lockable metal bar, which locks the door horizontally