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Why are you on the safe side with our 24/7 service?

Would you like to come to cheaters, especially in an emergency situation?
Certainly not!

Therefore, we offer a reliable 24/7 – service at a fair price. We do not lure with bait advertising,  which turn out to cost eight times the price.
We also do not destroy any complete doors, but always work with the least possible risk.

Ask us! We would be happy to establish a closure plan on location and to give you recommendations how you can secure your belongings even more.


How does a contract with us work?

Your door has closed or your key is broken. Call our 24/7-Service. We tell you our prices immediately.
Within 20 – 40 minutes (depending on distance), we are on location and open your door.
If a new lock is necessary, we will execute this immediately as well. You can use your door again, as if nothing happened.

(Material costs cylinder lock from 14,95 € + possible night surcharges)


There is also the possibility to settle this service through insurance.