We only work with the best in the industry. World class in quality and function.

See for yourself! For a fair price.



Why is it better to call SMAV?

Here are 3 good reasons:


1. We work in Luxembourg – for Luxembourg!

We do not have a mailbox company. You will find us in the middle of Mersch. Therefore, we do not calculate any utopian travel costs. Fair performance – fair price


2. We do not destroy – we open!

It frequently happens that a door gets completely destroyed during an opening. You are able to enter your apartment again, but the door cannot be closed yet the intervention was expensive. Better ask a professional who opens the door with the least possible effort – without destroying it.


3. We are Mul-T-Lock contractors!

All our products are characterized by high quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. With us you get professional advice, durable products and perfectly functioning technology at a fair price.

Patented and tamper-proof: key copy only with code card